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Animals. Season 1-2 Download HDTV 480p & 720p


Animals. Season 1-2 Download HDTV 480p & 720p 

Whether it’s lovelorn rats, gender-questioning pigeons or aging bedbugs in the midst of a midlife crisis, the awkward small talk, moral ambiguity and existential woes of non-human urbanites prove startlingly similar to our own.

Resolution: 480p

30 min | Animation, Comedy | TV Series (2016– )

Genres: Animation, Comedy

Language: English

Creators: Mike Luciano, Phil Matarese
Stars: Phil Matarese, Mike Luciano, Katie Aselton

Rating: 7.2/10 [imdb]


Animals. Season 1-2 Download HDTV 480p & 720p

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Animals. Season 1 –

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Animals. Season 2 –

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Season 1 Episode’s Details

S01E01 “Rats. (1)”
S01E02 “Pigeons. (1)”
S01E03 “Cats. (1)”
S01E04 “Dogs.”
S01E05 “Rats. (2)”
S01E06 “Pigeons. (2)”
S01E07 “Flies.”
S01E08 “Squirrels (1) Part I.”
S01E09 “Squirrels (1) Part II.”
S01E10 “Turkeys.”

Season 2 Episode’s Details

S02E01 “Rats. (3)”
S02E02 “Pigeons. (3)”
S02E03 “Roaches.”
S02E04 “Squirrels. (2)”
S02E05 “Humans.”
S02E06 “Rats. (4)”
S02E07 “Cats (2) Part I.”
S02E08 “Cats (2) Part II.”
S02E09 “Worms Birds Possums.”
S02E10 “Dog.”

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